“Gyaan baantne se badhta hai”, which means, “by spreading knowledge to others, your knowledge also increases”.

IDSPL has been founded by Kanagaraj Ganesan to address energy security issues in the built-environment. The organisation strives on providing genuine contributions in the domains of ‘Policy Implementation & Advocacy’, ‘Research & Applied Consulting’, and ‘Knowledge Dissemination’.

Policy Implementation & Advocacy

IDSPL has extensive experience of working with Central, State, and Local Governments, as well as public and private stakeholders to implement Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC). The IDSPL team – through ECBC Cells – works with the states of Karnataka, Chhattisgarh and Kerala for mainstreaming ECBC. The work involves notification of ECBC and its rules, revision of building bye-laws to include code provisions, technical support to new and existing public buildings to make them energy-efficient, and revision of Schedule of Rates (SoR) by State Public Works Departments (PWDs).

Research & Applied Consulting

IDSPL believes that expectations of the clients can be better met by maintaining the right blend of consulting and research. IDSPL’s young multi-disciplinary team of architects, planners and engineers deploys state-of-the-art tools and techniques for making informed decisions. First principles of science with pragmatic approach are considered for providing design intervention related to self-sufficiency, energy efficiency and renewable energy. IDSPL contributes to building envelope optimisation, circadian lighting design, and energy efficient air-conditioning design for augmenting occupants comfort in the buildings. IDSPL trusts that conducting “integrated design charrette” early in the building design stage will reap higher energy savings with minimal/no capital cost.

Knowledge Dissemination

IDSPL follows the native saying, "Gyaan baantne se badhta hai", which means, "by spreading knowledge to others, your knowledge also increases". Knowledge sharing and dissemination among peers, young professionals and students will foster professional competence by improving quality of applied consulting. IDSPL has developed capacity building modules on Building Physics, ECBC, energy simulation, building envelope optimisation, daylight & artificial lighting design, HVAC design, etc. The content of the training programmes are customised to meet the requirements of target groups.